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Insurance on a mission to reward your healthy lifestyle

What Drives Us

Celebrating and rewarding seniors living healthy lifestyles

Health IQ invented a new way to price insurance to reward seniors with discounts and savings who are committed to maintaining healthy lifestyles. We combine patented online assessments which have been taken more than 13 million times, data from exercise and step measurement devices, metabolic test results and peer-reviewed science to determine lower rates in Life, Medicare Supplement and car insurance for people who demonstrate a commitment to maintaining their health.
We believe the best way to encourage health-conscious lifestyles is to invest in those who invest in themselves, every day.

How We Started

A note from our CEO & founder

I'm Munjal, the founder of Health IQ, and my team and I have worked for years to celebrate the health conscious with financial rewards.
The journey began in 2010 when I got chest pains and ended up in the ER while running a 10K race. I was only 37 at the time, but knew my father had his first heart attack at 45. Over the next few years, I lost 40 pounds, changed my diet, and ran 3 marathons.
Through it all, I realized that being health conscious was really hard work, and the health conscious are unsung heroes in society. I began to wonder if we could improve the health of the world by financially celebrating the health conscious instead of harassing those who were not.

“It seemed like a simple, powerful idea, yet one that hadn't been done.”

So we started Health IQ in 2013. Over the next 3 years, a wonderful group of people on their own health journeys joined our mission.
We spent these years gathering science and data to convince insurance companies that health conscious people deserve lower rates. This included our own research, as well as public research showing health conscious people had lower mortality.
Many insurance companies were initially not receptive, but eventually we found some great innovative partners who believed in our data. Today we have helped tens of thousands of people secure billions in insurance coverage.

- Munjal Shah