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Special rate savings up to 43% on Medicare Supplement plans for the health conscious.1

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Why choose a Medicare Supplement insurance plan

Medicare Supplement plans help pay some of the costs that Original Medicare doesn’t, like copayments, deductibles and other expenses. You’ll have access to any doctor in the United States that accepts Medicare. That’s great for snowbirds and retirees who travel.

Our special rate Medicare Supplement insurance is the lowest rate 89% of the time.

Across the nation, we consistently prove our special rate is more than competitive against retail. It’s why we’re the lowest rate for plans F & G in 89% of zip codes where the product is available.


We are the only company that could save you up to 43% for your health knowledge1

We recognize the hard work it takes to stay healthy, by offering special rate Medicare Supplement insurance that rewards your dedication. We’ll make sure you receive the right plan, and the extra savings you deserve because you’ve earned it.

Low Rate Promise – Regardless of your special rate qualification, we shop well-known national carriers to ensure you get a rate that fits your needs and budget.

How do I qualify for Health IQ’s special rates?

You simply take a five-minute “quiz” to gauge your health knowledge. We don’t ask how many times you exercise a week. Instead, we ask questions that only people who practice healthy habits would know.

No underwriting applies during Medicare Supplement open enrollment or guaranteed issue periods.

How did we get these special rates?

Health IQ can pass these Medicare Supplement insurance special rates onto health conscious clients because we worked with the nation’s leading health experts to pioneer the science and gather the data to prove that health awareness has life-changing effects on long-term health.

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